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I am a computer programmer, and have been so for a long time. I love everything about programming, except maybe the last 2% of any project(haha).

In 2014, I created an app on my phone. The original app recorded video, captured data, and helped with tracking down the landing location of my high powered rockets.

When I started writing this App, it was not my intention to make a publicly available version. I continued for awhile to enhance and add features for my personal use. Then, I noticed it would not take much more time to create a rich App for everyone to use and benefit from.

From there, things became kinda crazy. Since this addiction doesn't pay the bills, I worked on this project many late night hours (when not working on rockets!) and started implementing the features I craved:

This site is dedicated to the enthusiast that share the same INSANITY towards rockets as I have. If you build mammoth rockets, high launching rockets, detailed rockets, many rockets, rockets with gagetry, reading/watching videos/seeing images about rockets, I hope you find yourself right at home here.

Your fellow rocketeer,
Jason Cook

My most insane project to date: