Get Insane Rockets telemetry app for Android.  

The phone application, InsaneRockets, records video, captures data, and helps with tracking down landing location when installed in a high powered (G and higher motor) hobby rocket.

Warning: Launching rockets with a phone onboard is risky and a mishap could destroy the phone!

Recommended older phone with barometer:

The Nexus 5x handles 16Gs per axis, and can record 4k video. It is recommended to use this phone or newer phones. This phone has been proven time and time again in rockets. It has even been used with the app in a weather balloon journey to 98,100 feet!

If you purchase your launch phone on the same carrier as your main phone, you can swap your sim card to it during flight. Then, use a friend's phone to view landing location! You can use an adapter like this to resize your sim card:


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