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SRA, Palm Bay, FL
2023-07-15 19:40:00Z

SRA-SRA - monthly NAR Launch 2023-07-15


Monthly launch at the Spaceport Rocketry Ranch under NAR rules. 13.5k waiver.

027 55.9357 N 080 42.4966 W

27.93231, -80.708286

Pads open at 10:00 AM



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Please note that launch status is subject to change. Check the Launch Status above before leaving home on the day of the scheduled launch. Every attempt is made to update this page as best as possible.

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SRA uses the Drought Index in Brevard county to determine if it's safe to fly or if launch restrictions will be implemented. If the Drought Index is 600 or above a launch may be canceled. Click here to check the latest index values.

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